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Zoe, a story of Honor, Betrayal and Redemption. Book 29, started 27 May 2012 and finished 5 June 2012. This work was created by Gerard Arthus and is in the Public Domain under the Creative Commons License. After having read a good part of 'The Redemption of Marie Gordon' by Cora Lane Sherman, I developed an idea for a multi-part book which will have the capability of having its subsections expanded continuously. I will post the work as it is completed and would appreciate input from readers. This is a member of the 'genre' called Redemption Literature.nnEach chapter will be called a book; which will be about 15 pages in length. Each book will be composed of sub-books which will go into much greater detail concerning the content of each of the chapters. This will allow me to work on the entire book and then selectively go back and expand on the content of each of the chapters individually. While this work is in the Public Domain; the creator must be contacted concerning the use of this material in any derivative works. To see all of the books click on ZOE-000-001 in keywords field.

Language English
Book contributor Gerard Arthus
Collection arthusgerardzoe; arthusgerard; additional_collections


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